I didn't take a single picture in September.  Not a single one.  I'm embarrassed.  Briefly, here's what I did:

1) fed cattle in the early part of the month.  We already have pictures of that.

2) did a couple of ATV counts to make sure I had all my cattle in preparation for shipping.

3) Went to Winfield KS for the Walnut Valley Festival.  This was my 9th year and, unfortunately, it was the worst. It was brutally hot and I was camped in a particularly hot area.  This is no criticism of the festival- it was probably as great as always, but I was hot.  Plus, my Suburban suffered transmission problems on the way and I paid a nice $850 repair bill.  Oh, well....

4) Upon return from Winfield, I fed and counted cattle some more.

Let's just go to October....

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