Ranch Scenery


stormy_sky.jpg (34725 bytes)

March 10, 2001.  These clouds rolled in really fast.  The white clouds over the mesa to left center were curling up and over, while the darker section above was rolling the other direction.  Shot from my back porch.


sunset.jpg (73740 bytes)March 28, 2001.  Sunset.


May 18, 2001.  A big storm moving in.  Got a lot of hail and rain and lightning from this one!  Check out the difference in the grass color from the above shots.


Dec 4 2002.jpg (34927 bytes)

December 4, 2002.  Winter.  This is the same view as above!  Those are reflections of fence posts in the snow.  Times like this, I'm really thankful for a warm house! 

Dec 21, 2004.  Evening sunset.   This was a phenomenal grass year and you can clearly see how much left after a grazing season.

August 2005: Pronghorn

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