Pronghorn antelope are very common on the ranch.  In fact, I think it's literally impossible to be out of sight of at least a small herd of the critters at any given time.   These are a few shots that I took from the front porch.

Pronghorns1.JPG (95655 bytes)


And this herd is crossing right thru the middle of my little backyard rifle range....the far target is 250 yards.  I got a new Leupold scope in the fall of '01, mounted it on my rifle and then stepped out on the deck to check the crosshair alignment.   I was intent on looking at the scope as I laid the rifle across the deck rail, and when I looked thru it, there was a pronghorn buck rubbing his horns on the 250 yard target! 

pronghorns_on_range.JPG (42580 bytes)


And here's a picture looking out my living room window during a fierce winter storm.   This pasture typically only has cattle in it for a week during shipping, and thus there is a lot of forage left over and the pronghorns really seem to use it during the fall and winter.  This view, by the way, is the same as in the panoramas above.   Quite a difference in winter.  I have a Weather Wizard that records wind speed, temperature, and other things and recorded a wind chill of -40 deg F in the winter of '01, and wind speed of 82 mph in the spring of '01.

Antelope during winter storm.jpg (47614 bytes)