"Where did April GO??"  Where did JUNE go??  I didn't get hardly any pictures in June.  June was HECTIC.  I spent early June hustling at guitar repair so as to get several jobs done and shipped before I left for Kaufman Kamp in mid-June.  I do on-site guitar repair there for the week of Flatpick Camp.  I left on June 18 and drove to Morrilton AR where I slept in my truck at a KOA.  I tell ya what....it was humid!!!  I couldn't hardly even sleep it was so humid.  Next day, I woke up at 4 am (having never really slept), showered, and drove on to Sparta TN where I stayed with Jim Grainger, the co-repairguy at Kamp.  Had a great time visiting Jim's shop and I slept like a log at his place.  Woke up to a nice cool TN mountain morning- this was SO much better than Arkansas!  Drove on to Maryville on Sunday morning to attend church at Grace Community Church.  I visited them in 2002 during my first year at Kamp and was looking forward to another visit.  Wasn't disappointed.  They're a good bunch of Christian brothers and sisters and I felt right at home.  At Kamp, I worked and worked and worked.  I took it a little easier this year, but it's still a lot of work.  Went to church again on Sunday and then started the long drive home.  That drive is the worst part of the trip.  It's just over my "breakpoint".  1,000 miles, I could handle, but it's 1,300 miles and just a little too far.  But, I got home safely and was I ever glad to be home!!  It took me a good week to recover and another week to get rolling again, and by that time, it was July!

One exciting thing that I did, that I got a picture of, was go out with a traveling biologist who was studying mountain plovers in the area.  Turns out that we have a LOT of plovers- more than I thought.  Here we've got a trapped plover in the hand for banding and measuring and GPS'ing of the nest site.


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