Please note that I don't really sell pickguards as individual items, but do install them on guitars that I have in hand.  That is, if you ask me for a pickguard for your HD-28, I don't really do that.  But if I have your HD-28 in for a setup and you want a new pickguard, I will do that.  Reason for this is that I cut each pickguard by hand using the existing one as a template.  I try to get the most exact fit I possibly can.  Thus, this page is really for customers who want to see what stock I have on hand.

40's style celluloid guard on a D-18 GE
30's style swirl on a D-18 GE
Various guards on a D-18 GE, ranging from bold dark at soundhole to (clockwise) bold brown, reddish swirl, 30's swirl, brown swirl.
Variations of brown swirl.
Wide variety of guards.

Samples of dark bold guards

Custom- I can take a dark bold and stain  the back a reddish brown color to produce this.  You might be able to see streaks in the stain if you look closely, but I can't say that's a bad thing as it adds texture.


Actual vintage pickguards for comparison:

1930's 00-18
1939 D-18
1936 D-18

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