Important: Philosophy, Warranty, and Disclaimer!!

Please read, print, and sign this page before sending a guitar.  If I don't get a signed copy of this form with the guitar, I don't work on it.  Repeat customers need only send 1 form- I'll keep it on file.  You may also copy/paste/e-mail this page to me and I'll file that.  I'm doing this so that we're both on the same page, have the same expectations, and understand each other- I want 100% happy customers!

Cosmetics: My job is to try to make your guitar play and sound better.  I am NOT very concerned with cosmetics.  I will, of course, do my best to keep your guitar clean and not add any scratches or dents or etc. but sometimes things happen.  There will almost certainly be some evidence of the work when removing finished-in nuts, Martin's long glued-in saddles, or removing bridges.  If you have an immaculate guitar, one on which you've mapped out every pick scratch, one which you keep in a humidity-controlled glass case, or one which you've examined with a jeweler's glass...honestly, I would rather not work on it.

Accidents: Accidents can happen, especially when doing things like brace work or structural modification.  I will do my best to prevent them in the first place and repair any accidents to the best of my abilities but that is the limit of my responsibility. This covers any finish, structural, or cosmetic damage which may occur for any reason. I am not responsible for loss or damage of your guitar due to fire, theft, flood, tornado, shipping damage, or any other event.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Neck resets are guaranteed for 1 year from the most recent re-set.  If the neck creeps, or otherwise becomes unsatisfactory, I will fix the problem.  All other work is guaranteed for 3 months.   After 3 months, satisfaction is assumed and my responsibility is over. If customer satisfaction is not achieved, a refund may be given, at my discretion, minus cost of parts and shipping.  No refunds will be given until I have been given the option of personally re-doing the work or examining the guitar. I will pay UPS Ground shipping 1 way for re-work. Cost of parts is at my discretion, open to discussion. 

Modifications: In the case of structural modifications such as brace removal, brace scalloping, bridge plate replacement or any case in which wood is removed, I am not responsible for any cracks, bellying, or other structural problems which may arise in the future.   I will do my best to help solve such problems, but I am not necessarily responsible. Modifications are done at your risk.

Tone: While can I tell you how a certain repair or modification is likely to change the sound of your guitar, I cannot guarantee that change will meet your expectations, especially if you have a particular sound in mind. I cannot, for instance, make your guitar "sound like a 1947 D-18". Most repairs will change the sound of the instrument slightly and all modifications will do so to varying degrees.


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