2002 Mario Proulx OM/D  This is my favorite guitar. 

1973 "Modzilla" D-28.  My highly modified 1973 D-28.

1996 Fender James Burton Telecaster w/ Parsons/White B-bender!  Now an official "Mutt-caster".

Parts-O-Strat- a 60s RI looking thing

Red Nashville Telecaster-  "Blackie" returns!

New Relic Telecaster

Instruments I've owned and sold (.ie they're gone!).  Feel free to ask about any of them:


2004 Proulx OM/D, walnut/Engleman- sold in a silly fit of inventory reduction.  Great guitar.

2000-ish Martin D-18 GE- I've actually owned 3 of these, two natural and one sunburst.  Great guitars, but all gone now.

1999 OM-28 VR

1995 Santa Cruz Vintage Artist- a great D-18 style guitar.

1994 Martin 000-1R

1994 Santa Cruz Tony Rice w/ German spruce top.

1993 Martin "1935 Reissue" D-28 sunburst

1992 Collings Clarence White  Follow the link to the "Unofficial Clarence White" page for tons of information on these outstanding guitars.  ( Play a Real Audio clip of this guitar!)

1974 Martin D-18  Modified.

1994 Santa Cruz Vintage Artist

1958 Martin D-18



1997 Gerald V Anderson F5

1995 Summit F100S mandolin

Ron Cole F5 mandolin

1983 Kentucky KM1500 mandolin



'60's Reissue MIJ Fender Stratocaster

1992 Fender RI FotoFlame Telecaster (w/Velvet Hammer pickups)

1996 Fender Tex Mex Strat (how come I've had so many '96 Fenders?)

1996 Fender Jimmie Vaughan Strat

1999 Fender 1960's Reissue Stratocaster 

Parts-O-Strat- "Red" (How come so many Strats??)


1996 American Standard Telecaster

"Relic Broadcaster" Blonde Warmoth Parts-O-Tele.

1996 Fender Nashville Tele-  "Blackie"

Fender '52 Reissue Telecaster


1952 Gibson ES-350 (no pictures)

1946 Gibson ES-125   

Epiphone Les Paul