Sound Bites

Guitar Comparisons

These are just low-technology recordings that I've done over the past few years to see how various interesting pairs of guitars sound against each other. I recorded all pairs using the same mics, flat EQ, and even trying to play similar breaks on each. I made no attempt to play polished breaks, and what you hear are 1-3rd takes, no more. The goal is not really to analyze my playing but to just hear the guitars. Recorded on a Tascam 424 MKII, using Shure SM58 and 849 mics- the 849 pointed at angle across the 14th fret towards the soundhole, the SM-58 behind the bridge also pointed roughly at the soundhole, both about 12" from the guitar. I used equally dead strings on all guitars and a 1.0 mm Dunlop Ultex pick on the 2003  cuts and a Tortis pick on everything else.

Each cut features TWO guitars- Guitar A plays an entire break, then Guitar B, then Guitar A, etc.  The guitars are panned left/right, too.  Listen to the cuts and pick which guitar in the pair sounds better. E-mail me with your picks and I'll tell you which guitar was on which cut. 

Have fun!!!

May 2006:  New cuts, recorded on a Korg 1200 digital recorder using a single Rhode NT-1 mic.  Cuckoo's Nest (forgot that I'd already recorded this... D-18 GE vs. D-28 Marquis.  Two guitars where the main difference is the mahogany vs. Indian Rosewood).  Big Sciota (D-28 Marquis vs. Modzilla D-28.  Main difference is the top- Adirondack vs. well-aged Sitka).

April 2005: Proulx OM/D comparison!  I found myself with 5 OM/D's in the house and decided to do this quick comparison.  Instead of playing a song, I just recorded some G-licks.  The first lick takes place in the 1st 3 frets, the second runs from 10 to open, and the last is kind of a "mid-range power lick".  I used my SE Asian RW as the "standard" for each comparison.  The guitars are panned totally left/right for complete isolation.  The first guitar in each comparison is always the SEA RW.  You comment on the guitars and I'll tell you what's what.  Here are the choices: Sapelle (mahogany)/Sitka spruce, Indian RW/Red spruce, Walnut/Englemann, Honduran RW/Red spruce.  Mp3: OM/D 1, OM/D 2, OM/D 3, OM/D 4.  Also available in WAV: OM/D 1, OM/D 2, OM/D 3, OM/D 4.

December 2004:  Big Mon (D-18 GE vs. Santa Cruz Tony Rice Pro), Salt Creek (OM18 V vs. Proulx Walnut/Englemann), Salt Creek (OM18 V vs. D-18 GE), Cuckoo's Nest (D-18 GE vs. Proulx OM/D Walnut/Englemann).

Aug 2004: Customer's request- HD28 vs. D-18 GE....Angeline the Baker in Drop D.

April 2004:  Guitars are: Modzilla D-28, Santa Cruz Tony Rice, Martin D-18 GE sunburst (ya can hear the sunburst!!!  <g>), Huss and Dalton Honduran RW:  Alabama Jubilee, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Turkey in the Straw (some mistakes on this one- I was tired and the guitar had to go home the next day).  5/22/04  Has it been a MONTH since I did this??!!  Feels like 2 weeks ago!!  Anyway: Remington Ride.  This is tough one!! Two VERY similar guitars, both having been picked as "winners" in previous comparisons. 

2003: In no particular order: 1941 Martin D-18, modified 1974 Martin D-18, modified 1973 Martin D-18, modified 1973 Martin D-28, new Martin D-18 GE, new Martin D-28 GE, 1992 Collings Clarence White braz/ad, 1996 Collings D1A, new Merrill C-28 braz/ad, 2002 Proulx OM/D in SE Asian RW/ad, 2002 Proulx OM/D in mahogany/cedar.   Blackberry Blossom, Gold Rush, Bill Cheatham, Jig medley, Panhandle Rag, Redhaired  Boy, St. Anne's Reel, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Amazing Grace, Cattle in the Cane, Pike County Breakdown, I'm a Pilgrim, All in Zip format (28 megs)


Mandolin comparison!

Mandolins so far: 2001 Krishot F5 Englemann/Slovak Rock maple, 1995 Gilchrist F5, Gibson "Fern" Reissue, Weber Yellowstone, Dearstone.  Mandolins I've missed (dummy!!): Gibson Adam Steffey, Gibson Master Model (I'm going back for that one), Kentucky KM-1000, Kentucky KM-1500.   

December 2004: Arkansas Traveler (Weber vs. Krishot), Big Mon (Dearstone vs. Krishot)

Whiskey Before Breakfast, Cherokee Scuffle