Putting Tone Bars in a Mandolin

Removing the Back, page 2.

Here's a section with a nice clean cut.  As you can see, this is going to go back together really nicely.


And here's a mistake.  Urgh.  I let the saw get away and cut into the binding before I caught it.  The bone edge had already fallen off- not my fault. 
This back was just about ready to come off, but before I actually removed it, I wanted to put some locator pins in place.  Here's my Dremel tool with a really small drill bit and several small nails.
Drilling the nail holes into the end block, neck block, and points.
Locator pins in place.  The back's ready for the final cuts to remove it.
The back is just about ready to come off, just a little more cutting right around the neck block and it'll be off.  Most of the cuts were clean and straight like this section.  Again, note the Stew Mac vise.
And ta-da, the back is off.
Here's what the back looks like.  You can see that the cuts were overall pretty clean and pretty close to the back w/out taking too much kerfing.  I'm not too worried about the kerfing since it'll help "click" the back into place again.
And here's the problem!  Someone decided it would be a good idea to scrape the tone bars out.  Oh well, job security.

Again, note how clean the back came off.  Also note that the neck has a screw to help hold it in.  Definitely not a Gibson.


Nope, not a Gibson.

Scraping the back, new tone bars, etc, Page 3