SOLD!!!  Collings Clarence White  SOLD!!!!

Collings Clarence White, SN 643, November 1992, Brazilian, Adirondack. Normal playing wear, a little finish gone along the top of the neck where my thumb rests, a couple of small pinhead dings, small "Levi-tab" scratches on the back, finish smears on headstock from storing capo up there. I played this guitar a lot and I took care of it, but did not baby it. It's been to festivals, concerts, on-stage, etc. No cracks, serious dents (see "dings" above), or loose anything. Perfect neck angle and saddle height.  The guitar weighs 2000 grams, as compared to 2400 grams for a recent Collings D2H BAV, and 1900 grams for a 1939 Martin D-18, from my database.

Modifications: 1st 5 frets replaced (by me), fossil walrus saddle, elephant ivory nut, shaved down fossil ivory pins, stock pickguard replaced with dark Tortis on which the tip cracked when I took it off to shave it down- crack is invisible except on inspection and the guard looks so sharp I have left it on. Price includes replacement pickguard of your choice: dark Tortis, Dalmation, 30's style, whatever, either installed or in the case. Has a brazilian strip on the bridgeplate that enhances bass response (and can be easily shaved off). I shaved it off to prepare the guitar for sale and 30 minutes later had another one back on. Stock Kluson copy tuners wore out and were replaced with gold Kluson copies with "Waverly" type buttons. 

Case is currently a new TKL tweed, but I highly suggest that the buyer supplies a Calton for shipping the guitar.

Price is 1) with TKL tweed case: $5500, 2) with gray Calton case $5900, plus $50 shipping. 48 hour approval period, buyer pays return shipping. Payment by personal check (must clear), money order. Credit card via PayPal is possible, but they take a 3% hit ($175 in this case) and I'd rather avoid that.

This is one of the best D's I've ever played. I'm selling it because 1) I don't play D's much anymore and when I do, I have the "Modzilla" D-28, 2) I need the money for a new vehicle this fall, because, 3) we have Little Kimsey #3 due in December, and 4) I'm seriously considering pursuing a Master's in Theology this winter. All of these things require money and I just think I'm better off turning the CW toward them.

top_sun.JPG (68033 bytes)

Top_shade.JPG (62987 bytes)

Two shots of the top which has darkened to a beatiful amber.

back_sun.JPG (68429 bytes)

back_shade.JPG (59894 bytes)

Two shots of the back, in sun and shade.  The top picture accurately captures the true color of this guitar.

sides1.JPG (67166 bytes)

Side.  Color is the same as the back in the sun, above.  Neck matches the b/s color perfectly.

bridge.JPG (36370 bytes)

Check out the perfect saddle height. Action is currently a low .100" and the guitar plays incredibly nice.  Saddle is fossil ivory, pins are fossil ivory with shaved down heads.  Good shot of the top wood, too, where you can see the darkened grain.

nut.JPG (60309 bytes)

Antique elephant ivory nut.

tuners.JPG (74214 bytes)

peghead.JPG (76426 bytes)

Peghead showing gold Kluson copy tuners with Waverly-type buttons.  Notice the slight capo wear on the corners of the headstock in the top picture. 

ding.JPG (72559 bytes)

This is the worst of the dings on the top.  Note also the pickguard crack.   This picture shows the top color accurately.

Guard_crack.JPG (45717 bytes)

Closeup of pickguard crack.

neck_wear.JPG (45705 bytes)

Wear on the neck.  I have played this guitar.

Calton.JPG (61638 bytes)

The CW in a light gray Calton deluxe case that could come with it.

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