Links to Other Christian Sites

These are links to other Christian sites which I've checked out and found to be interesting, illuminating, and useful.  All are consistent with my beliefs as based on the Bible's teachings.

Answers in Genesis An excellent creationist site.  Ken Ham's home site.

The Founders  Historical Baptists. Excellent site to contrast with "modern" Baptists

The Reformed Faith   By Loraine Boettner.  Some of the best discussions of the Reformed faith I've read.

The Patriarch (One of the best sites I've yet found for guidelines to conservative living)

Definitions  An excellent site that defines various Christian "buzzwords" and gives a guide to Christian authors.

Discovery Series Booklets  An excellent collection of online "booklets". 

Monergism  Good collection of Reformed readings.

Grace Online Library  More Reformed readings.

Ligonier Ministries  R.C. Sproul's home site.  I greatly admire Dr. Sproul's logical approach.

Sound of Grace  John Piper- one of my favorite authors.

First Baptist Church, Des Moines, NM.  My home church.  Lots of my sermons there.


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