Falconry Equipment

by Bryan Kimsey and Jim Hodge

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Chapter 1: Preface

What is this book about?



Chapter 2: Mews

What is a mews?

Essential features of a mews

Construction and materials for mews

Basic Materials



Design Ideas

Perch locations

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Chapter 3: Weathering Areas

What is a weathering area?

Features of a weathering enclosure

Construction and materials

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Chapter 4: Perches

Types and basic requirements of a perch

Outdoor perches

Bow perches

Ring perches

Block perches

Spikes for block perches

Indoor perches

Mews perches

Traveling perches

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Chapter 5: Jesses, Leashes, and Swivels

Features and requirements

Jesses and bracelets



Arab-style and Y-swivel arrangements

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Chapter 6: Hoods

Purpose of the hood

Types of hoods

Modified Indian

Dutch style hoods

Other style hoods

How should a hood fit?

Making hoods

Materials and tools

Starting a hood

Shaping the hood

Using a block

Making and threading braces

Top knots

Making hood blocks

Tips and tricks

Keeping braces tight

Keeping the hood in shape

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Chapter 7: Bells

The purpose of bells

Types of bells

Attaching bells

Leg mounts

Tail mounts

Neck mounts

Making bells

Why make your own bells?

Bell plugs

The doming block technique

The bell press technique

Finishing the bells

Tricks for bells

Making bells sound better

Making bells last longer

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Chapter 8: Name Tags

The importance of name tags

Requirements and features

Options and ideas

Attaching the tag

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Chapter 9: Lures

Features of a lure

Making lures



Lure weights

Tidbit Ties

Controlling the lure

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Chapter 10: Bags and Vests

Use of the hawking bag



Things to carry in the field

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Chapter 11: Traveling

Considerations and requirements

Travel box ideas

Open perches

Long distance traveling

Shipping hawks

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Chapter 12: Telemetry

Use of telemetry

Methods of attaching telemetry

Tail mounts

Neck mounts

Leg mounts

Backpack mounts

Tips for using telemetry

What frequency?

Where is that bird?

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Chapter 12: Miscellaneous


Purposes of the glove

Where to get a good glove

Useful additions and care of the glove


Features of a hawk bath

Ideas for hawk baths

Using the hawk bath


Use of the scale

Scale modifications

Training devices

Dog-run creances

Tail protectors

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