SOLD!!!!  2005 Yamaha YZ250 SOLD!!!!

I owned this bike for about 8 months.  Bought it in the spring, sold it in the late fall.  It was pretty nice and I'm glad I bought it and rode it because it settled some questions I had.  I would've raced this thing in WORCS or hare scrambles or MX in a heart-beat.  The power was great and I felt pretty comfortable on the bike.  There were a few reasons why I sold it, though.  First because I wasn't racing!  For play riding, it just had too much power and speed.  For play or woods riding, the gear ratios were too close.  I was constantly looking for a lower 1st and a higher 5th.  Last, I never got fully comfortable with the supension, esp the rear.  Just like my previous YZ250WR, this one kicked me off a few times in conditions where my KX or KDX would've been stable.  So, I put it up for a sale and ended up getting my purchase price back.  I lost a couple hundred on the mods I made, but that's how it goes!


I had been thinking about getting a 2-stroke 250 and off-road-izing it.  Kicking around on Craigslist, I found a listing in Albuquerque for a YZ250 outfitted almost exactly to my specs- flywheel weight, large tank, handguards, skid plate, trail computer, pipe and spark arrestor silencer, Scotts triple clamps, re-valved suspension, and much more.  Long story short, I bought it from the 61 yr old owner (who'd moved to a KTM 300).  It's a great bike but I unfortunately have not had time to go off-road riding like I hoped.  Thus, it's for sale.  And in the meantime, I'm still riding it.

Here's how the bike looked when I brought it home.  I actually have already added the rear fender stickers in this shot.


And a little later, we have this-

I first of all don't like fully enclosed hand guards- they're heavy and I'm afraid of getting my hands caught in them.  So, they went on the shelf and some Acerbis open guards went on.  Second thing was that I found a see-thru tank on Ebay, complete with brackets and petcock.  I bought it, moved my other set of brackets and petcock to the stock tank, and then sold the white tank on the 'bay.  Now I can see my gas level.

I also siliconed the Trail Tech computer into the bar pad.  This works well.


Ahhhh....two strokes!

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