Honda XR250R

When I was finally able to get another bike, I had to do some thinking about what I wanted.  Up to this point, all my bikes had been Honda 4-strokes except for the Suzuki RM125.  With it, I was changing rings every 2 races and pistons every 2 rings- can we say "high maintenence"?  I was pretty sure I didn't want that out on our ranch, so I decided to go with another XR.  Did a little shopping and found out that good used XR's are scarce!  Finally found a new, dealer leftover, '96 in Albuquerque and we went to look at it.  I ended up buying it.  It was worlds away from the '84 XR200 I'd had before, with disc brakes front and rear, far better suspension, and best of all, it would wheelie and jump!  Before long, though, I replaced the stock fork springs with Race Tech .40's and was much, much happier. I should have gone all the way to .42's, though.

Just home with the XR250

I rode the XR most of the spring and summer of  '98, and it wasn't long until I started thinking about getting a two-stroke as a second bike, especially after I test-rode a '97 CR250 at a dealer's   WHOA!!!.  The Yamaha WR250 or Suzuki RMX250 were my first choices, being that I could use them in the woods and track.   Like the XR, I found that good used specimens were very hard to find.

Getting ready to ride the XR250 in the woods. Check out the High Point boots! I have a lot of video of this bike, but almost NO pictures!

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