SOLD!!!!   2005 KX125  SOLD!!!!

I loved this bike but in late fall 2010, I decided it was time to hang up the dirt bike boots and so I put the KX up for sale.  This may have been my last dirt bike.  Time will tell.


After riding my '04 YZ450F for a year, I decided to move back down to a smaller and lighter bike.  The 450F was a lot of fun and I'm glad I rode one, but I just decided that I'd rather have a smaller bike that was slower and made me work a little harder.  So, I started looking for a good newer KX125 or YZ125.  Here's the funny story... I almost bid on a brand-new NOS '05 on Ebay for $3000 but it was clear over in TX and I hesitated.  I just kept thinking to myself "Check Valcom.  Check Valcom.".  Valcom is a Kawi dealer in Trinidad CO and I've been there literally once.  I've been a Christian long enough to pay attention to these little prickings so I passed on the Ebay KX.  Mid-week, I found myself in Trinidad and stopped by Valcom.  "Do you have any left-over 125's?", I asked.  "Nope."  "Well, do you have any used ones?", I asked.   "No...wait!  Yes, actually we do..."  We started walking toward the back of the store.  "It's a 2005 ridden by a Team Green rider for a year."  The price was well under the NOS.  I was interested.  When I looked at the bike, it was ugly and I said so.  The graphics were all gone, the grips torn, and so on.  But as I looked it over I saw nearly new tires, good chain/sprockets, and so on.  It came home with me.  Since I was suffering from YZ450F-induced tendonitis and couldn't ride for another couple of months, I immediately tore it down and changed the piston/rings, put fresh graphics on, cleaned up and greased everything, and then waited for my arm to heal. 

Above:  Here's the bike with fresh graphics before I really started riding it.

YouTube clips of me riding it:

Getting the Big Jump Down  The suspension was still stock and soft and I was trying not to over-jump.  Shortly afterwards, I had Gold Valves installed and stiffer fork and shock springs installed.  Made a big difference and now I can over-jump with confidence.

I really like this bike and am glad I bought it.  I really missed the turning ability of a good 125, it gives me a good workout, and it's just fun to ride.

June 2008:

In June 2008, I blew up the KX!  Turns out that Team Green had shaved the head and that little "tick-tick-tick" I heard wasn't the kickstarter hitting the pipe, it was the bike detonating.   Here are some pictures:

You can clearly see the pitting at the top of the cylinder. 


Here's what the cylinder head looked like.  Lots of obvious pitting.  Even so, none of this was really that bad and would've cleaned up easily.


Here's the piston.

Well, I'd always wanted to try a 144, so after talking around, I sent the top end off to Jesse Williams at  We talked about what I wanted and I kept mentioning my KTM 200sx as the perfect engine.  I wanted something that wasn't a pure MX engine but more versatile.  And that's what I got!  So, as of June 2008, the KX125 is now a KX144.  It runs perfectly on pump premium and I've gone thru 1 piston as of Nov 2009.  Love it.  Along with the new engine I got some new graphics:


Here I am at my little backyard track:

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